Consult & Briefing

PDF Engineering places a significant importance in the Consultant Briefing and Schematic Design stages. This is the key to any successful project. PDF Engineering will work with the client and design team to see that the scheme provides the best outcomes and meet the clients expectations. Key drivers may be quality, low cost, design impact, or functionality. The goals for the project will be identified at briefing stage in order that the remainder of the designs align.

Design & Develop

The Design and Development stage is the engine room of the design process. It is where the detailing occurs to meet the briefing goals and outcomes. The key to success in the Design and Development stage is to coordinate with other disciplines and ensure the majority of work is progressed early in the process, followed by the detailing. This will ensure that the spatial requirements are locked down and the capacities needed by other disciplines are known early, keeping projects to deadline.

Construction Phase

The Construction Phase of the project is where the work done in the Design and Develop stage comes to fruition. PDF Engineering will be available to attend site and review and respond to any queries to see a smooth process that is not limited by delays in responding. The intention is to allow the contractor(s) a clear way forward to make the clients dreams a reality.

Post Construction

PDF Engineering are experienced in Post Construction fine tuning and optimisation, including recent project completion fine tuning, older building systems and BMCS optimisation and assistance with upgrades in buildings where equipment has reached end of life. HDConsult can assist with recommendations on upgrades, maintenance capital expenditure budgets and assistance with documentation to allow maintenance contracts to be tendered.

PDF Engineering are focused on energy saving solutions that are cost effective. Whilst not every project can afford the bells and whistles approach to save maximum energy, there are often opportunities to find solutions with a relatively short payback period with upgrades that offer value to the building owner over the longer term.